Mr. Som Nath Sharma

All India Vipra Association has been founded by ‘Mr. Som Nath Sharma’ in 2017 in city Quadian (The Land of Love and Brotherhood) with objective to serve humanity. His vision behind this concept to educate and focus on overall development of India.

About Him

He was born in the house of father Mr. Chuni Lal and mother Mrs. Durga Devi. He has two brothers and three sisters, in which he is the youngest son of the family. He is very active and energetic from his child, having a kind nature and soft spoken specialty he achieved a good social reputation.

Social History

Mr. Som Nath is very close to social cohesion. He have played different roles and different functions at different levels of life. A small introduction about his life and work are as listed right side:-

  • Having the experience of more than 18 years in managing a society of ‘Shri Krishna Mandir‘ as General Secretary, he did organize many events and cultural programs, educational programs, and health services. With the wide and intlectual vision he served the society and always tries to deliever his service to last person.

Organizations Served In

  • He served 10 years in ‘B.D Team‘ as social worker and guide. While working for society, he continued to guide and inspire others to welfare of mankind.
  • He is the member of ‘National Volunteer Association‘ from a long time, through his actions, he has made a good reputation in society
  • He has been served in ‘Dussehra Committee‘ too for 15 years and organized many beautiful programs and events for mankind.